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St. Louis, MO

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German-Catholic Parishes in 19th-century St Louis City

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Detail from a map of St. Louis, MO dated 1854

1 The Old Cathedral - Basilica of St Louis, King
was established as a parish in 1776 and remained the only Catholic parish in St. Louis through the 1830s. Early St. Louis German Catholic immigrants would have attended services at this parish until their own German-speaking parishes were established in the early 1840s.

The Old Cathedral stone church building, dating from 1831, is still standing and is located next to the Gateway Arch between downtown St. Louis and the  Mississippi River.

History of Old Cathedral

Mostly German parishes established in the 1840s

2 St. Mary of Victories Parish
was established in 1843 on the southern edge of downtown, only a few blocks up from the river. The cornerstone was laid in July 1843 and the first mass was said in 1844. Today the parish is administered by St. Stephen of Hungary parish. 
3 St. Vincent de Paul Parish
was established in 1841 or 1843 just south of downtown. The cornerstone was laid in 1843 and it was consecrated in 1845. It appears, however, that the parish existed from an earlierdate under the name of Holy Trinity and was changed to St. Vincent de Paul in 1844.

St. Joseph Parish
was established in 1844 just north of downtown. The parish was started in St. Aloysius Chapel on university grounds. Today the church faces onto Columbus Square. It is now known as the Shrine of St. Joseph and is no longer a parish.

Holy Trinity (located just outside the upper right corner on the map above)
was established in 1848/49 in north St. Louis in an area that was then known as Bremen but was incorporated into the City of St. Louis in 1856. The area is now referred to as Hyde Park neighborhood. Holy Trinity is still an active parish.

Parish History


Sts. Peter and Paul
was established in 1849 in south St. Louis a few blocks south of the present-day market in what is today known as Soulard neighborhood. It is still an active parish.

Parish History

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