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W Welp, B H Lemker, B H Kopel, J B Knoll
Church Trustees

The four gentlemen in the photo were the committee to build the new
church in 1902 for the Catholic parish of Imaculate Conception in Haverhill, IA.
They are seated in front of the church.

Wilhelm Welp
Wilhelm Welp (1854-1925) was born in IL, son of emigrant Bernard Heinrich Welp
Bernard Heinrich Welp
was born ca 1810, possibly in Furstenau.
He emigrated in 1843 and
married Teresa Kobbe (1817-1883) born in Lengerich.
Bernard Heinrich died in 1891 in Haverhill, IA.

Bernard Heinrich Lemker
was born Jul 16, 1840, Salzbergen.
He emigrated before 1868 and
married Maria Theresia Welp born in 1847 in Menominee, IL.
Bernard Heinrich died in 1929 in Haverhill, IA.

Bernard "Herman" Kopel
was born Feb 16, 1841 in Leschede, Emsbueren.
He emigrated before 1868 and
married Mary Imholt (1846-1918) born in Menominee, IL.
Herman died in 1916 in Haverhill, IA.

Johan Bernard Herman Knoll
was born Jun 23, 1837 in Westrum, Herzlake.
He emigrated in 1854 on the ship Ernestine and
married Caroline Albers (1840-78) born in Klein Dohren, Herzlake.
John Bernard Herman died Jan 6, 1926 in Haverhill, IA

Photo courtesy of Dave Halm
Source of photo - Haverhill, Iowa Centenial 1882-1982.

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