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Portraits of
Emigrants from Emsland



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.. Emslanders to the American Mid-West
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John Bernard Heimann & Anna Maria Bernsen
in 1914 - 60th wedding anniversary

Wedding - February 4, 1854, Clinton County, IL

He was born February 4, 1834 in Slagharen, Holland to Emslander parents.
He emigrated as a child age 3 in 1837.
He died December 19, 1923, Damiansville, Clinton County, IL.

She was born May 15 or 22, 1835, Slagharen Holland to Emslander parents.
She emigrated as a child age 11 in 1846.
She died October 24, 1915, Damiansville, Clinton County, IL.

Photo courtesy of Connie Albers.

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