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Portraits of
Emigrants from Emsland



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.. Emslanders to the American Mid-West
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Family gathering, 1914, in Damiansville, Clinton County, IL
on the occasion of the 60th wedding anniversary of
emigrants John Bernard Heimann & Anna Maria Bernsen

The wedding was February 4, 1854, Clinton County, IL

Front Row, left to right: Martin Heimann, Oscar Stroot, George Heimann, Joseph H. Heimann, Alphonse Olliges, Frankie Heimann, Alois Heimann, Teresa Heimann Schaefer, Anna Heimann Huelsmann, Emma Toennies (Sister Gerva AdPPP), Katie Toennies (Sister Johnita AdPPS), Frances Heimann Klostermann

Second Row, left to right: Herman Heimann, Baby William Heimann, hand on shoulder is wife Caroline Kalmer Heimann, Joseph Heimann, baby Louis, hand on shoulder is wife Katherine Toennies Heimann, Anna Heimann Toennies, man behind her to left in dark suit is husband Gerhard Toennies, J.B. Heimann, Marie Berndsen Heimann, Margaret Heimann Kalmer and behind her to right is husband Herman Kalmer (grey hair), little girl in dark dress is Cecilia Heimann (Sister Angela AdPPS), Mary Heimann Toennies in front of her father Frank Heimann

Third Row, left to right: Frank Netemeyer and wife Mary Heimann Netemeyer, Josephine Kalmer Schleper, Mary Kalmer, Rev. Otto Meier, Emma Kalmer Korte (in white blouse), Mary Toennies Korte, behind her is Anna Kalmer Arentsen holding baby Frances Arentsen, husband John Arentsen at end of row

Last Row, left to right: Margaret Heimann Richter (Leo’s wife), Herman Heimann, Joe Toennies, behind him is Edward Heimann, Rose Heimann Richter (Casper’s wife), behind her Clemens Stroot, then Emma Heimann Stroot (in front of post), Ben Heimann, Frank Kalmer, John Toennies (died in World War I of the flu), Teresa Korte Kalmer (in front of post), John B. (Jack) Heimann, John Kalmer, Henry Toennies, and with beard is John Haar (sexton-custodian of St. Damian’s Church)  

(Individuals in photo documented by Ruth Heimann Lager – November 1, 1982)

Photo courtesy of Richard Schaefer.

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