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Family of Clemens John Knobbe and Mary Wempe

Front: John, Tony, Francis (Mrs Martin Leuke)
Second row: Henry, Clemens J., Mary, Joseph
Third row: Anna (Mars. John Wessling), Clem, Ben Klein,
Anna Klein (Mrs. Henry Pittman), Mary (Mrs. Henry Leuke)

Johan Clemens Knobbe was born May 23, 1841 in Klein Dohren, Herzlake parish.
He emigrated in 1856 with his parents and siblings.
He died in 1919 in Breda, Carroll County, IA.

Anna Maria Wempe (Woempe) was born Oct 17, 1850 in Gross Dohren, Herzlake parish.
She died in 1934 in Breda, Carroll County, IA.

Clemens John's first wife was Mary Kuhl.
Frank and Anna (Wessling) were children of this union.
His second wife was Mary Wempe (widow Klein.)
Children of this marriage include: Clem, Francis (Leuke), Henry, Joseph, Mary (Leuke), John, Tony
Mary Wempe's children from her first marriage with Joseph Klein were
Ben Klein, and Anna Klein (Pittman).

Source of photo: http://www.rootsweb.com/~iacarrol/knobbe.html
(Taken from: pages 91 & 93 of The Breda Centennial Book, Older Days Renewed 1877-1977)
Courtesy of Anita Henning (ahenning@pacbell.net)
and William Smith (smithwil@emporia.edu)

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