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Portraits of
Emigrants from Emsland



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.. Emslanders to the American Mid-West
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Bernhard Schnelker and Anna Adelheid Olges

Bernhard Schnelker was born April 24, 1835 in Gross Stavern, Soegel.
He was christened as Johan Bernhard Schnelten
but his surname was later changed to Schnelker.
Bernhard emigrated in 1849, at age 14, with his parents and siblings,
arriving New Orleans Nov 26, 1849 on the ship Leontine.

Anna Adelheid Olges was born in St. Louis, MO, on May 8, 1844 and
christened at St Vincent de Paul parish. Her father, Herman Olges, had emigrated
from Wahn, Soegel and her mother, Thecla Kupper, from Sprackel, Soegel.

Photo courtesy of Gene Becker.

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